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Education in the United States of America

Studies in the universities of the United States are real shock for foreigners. Problems with language, looking for a place of inhabitation, deadlines, a great amount of exams and studying non-stop. But it’s nothing in comparison with all the advantages you will have after graduation. Moreover world rating of best universities in the world consists of great amount of American universities and usually American universities and colleges occupy the first positions. And remember that the most important mark of image of any university is a quantity of students who came to study from abroad. That’s why the Americans try their best to attract students from other countries.

Almost all the universities in the states are state or private. The cost of education in the state universities is lower in comparison with private ones. If you enter the university so after 4 years you will get bachelor’s degree. First two years all the students study general disciplines so you don’t have to worry about your future profession. Usually students study English, mathematics, history, social sciences and some special subjects. Next 2 years you will have to study disciplines connected with your future qualification. If you study on the faculties of architecture or medicine you will have to study for 5 years In order to get bachelor’s degree. You can continue studying till you get master or doctorate degree. To get master’s degree you will have to study for 2 years though there are also courses for 3 years. If you want to get doctorate you will have to study for 3 years and additionally you need to write research works so of course it may take more time. It will be much better if you apply for some universities at once. Because the contest is rather high.

First the system of education with its credits seems to be not very understandable. So every subject has a definite amount of credits amount of which in its turn depends on the general quantity of hours per week. To get a diploma you need to have a definite quantity of credits for all time of your studying there. And every student is responsible himself to cope with the program. The level of academical freedom is as high as the level of students’ responsibility. But advisors, program managers and teachers’ assistants help student to choose subjects.

Speaking about exams you will have to prepare for every class because all the time you will write tests or midterms which are held 2-3 times a semester and finally a final test or innodividual or team project. The majority of subjects besides required ones a student chooses himself even though some of them are necessary just to widen your outlook. For all the time of studying you will have to learn about 30 subjects every of which is taught during the whole semester. The result for every subject will depend on the quality of your home tasks, tests, your attendance of classes and your final test. Every of these activities is estimated apart. But the final mark will be normal of all these marks.

The system of marks looks in the following way:
B -81-90%(good)
C -71-80%(not bad)
E-51-60(not satisfied)
F –lower 50% - 0

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